still trying to pick up my pieces.

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people who may have seen my posts years back may come to know that i have this soft spot for patlabor.

trying to find the model toys now...

oh in case anyone is wondering, i've deleted all my older posts. i'll probably revisit livejournal some time in the future. but for now... i'd be on facebook. google+. tumblr. twitter. posterous. flickr. its not too hard to find me there.

::edited 31st july 2011::

my livejournal is being spammed over and over and over by spammers. clearly it is annoying me. i've managed to find most of the patlabor model kits, and boy... i wanna fix them up, but scared i will make a mess.

i've changed these posting to disable comments for now. and allow my livejournal to be on hiatus till whenever. till then, may we meet again on facebook or something.

::edited 30th dec 2012::

its just a few more days to 2013. i've realised that i've no intention to start blogging again. facebook and twitter and instagram for now. this blog has gone through so much. i hope the world gets better somehow.